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On/Off Boarding

Welcome new employees in an organized and creative way

First impressions are the most important, and 91% of new hires will remain at a company if they’ve received an excellent onboarding process. Mensch guides you in creating the right employee experience for your onboarding process to keep your employees happy and motivated to stay.

Create customized onboarding workflows

With Mensch’s unique, custom onboarding system, you’ll see real-time tracking of all workflow tasks and statuses, keeping you abreast of all onboarding communications. With 69% of employees reporting that they stay at a company if they experienced a well-structured onboarding process, our system is a must for your organization.

Tailor all onboarding processes on one, convenient platform

Rely on Mensch to accommodate the complete onboarding process. Remove all manual work or other apps or services, fully customize your onboarding needs and set custom workflows - per site, employment type or department. Your employees will receive a personalized onboarding session, catered to their specializations.

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