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Mensch for CFOs

Be Due Diligence Ready

Mensch is a true system of records, unlike no other HR platform, which creates a data room containing all people-related documents. This feature allows for maintaining real-time, company-wide documents, saving you time and money and always due-dilligence ready.

Track Compliancies

Mensch offers a unique bond between HR and Finance departments in order to easily synchronize between these two key players. Mensch creates an accessible way to view the status of your people compliancies - with both contractors and direct employees - giving you access to your onboarding status, records and documents, 24/7.

Elevate Workforce Planing

Manage your hiring plan through Mensch and stay on top of your open and future position planning. View your current and planned headcount, approve positions, and budget directly on  Mensch’s platform.

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