People Management

Digital Employee File

Focus on your people! Mensch centralizes all your employee data making it accessible to all stakeholders and enabling you to focus on your HR strategies.

Onboarding / Offboarding

An effective onboarding process is a key factor in employee retention. Use Mensch to create your own custom onboarding (and offboarding) process for a pleasant experience for your new hires.

Hiring Plan

Mensch helps you forecast and plan your company's hiring strategy. Get a full view of your job openings and budget, simulate your organizational structure and closely monitor company growth.

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Analytics & Reports

On-demand, Real-time Reporting

Understanding your people has never been easier. Using Mensch, you can count on real and accurate data. Mensch crunches your numbers so that you can make insightful decisions about your company’s next steps.


Proactivity is the name of the game. Mensch analytics serves the efficiency of HR functions and help you define and improve your KPIs.


Use Mensch library report or customize your own views. You can filter almost anything, pull out important indicators and data.

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Compensation and Benefits

Your people are your organization’s most valuable asset. 70% of company spending goes towards your people. Mensch’s compensation and benefits modules create seamless interaction between Finance and HR.

Equity Management

Equity management is a headache. We know. Mensch helps you to accurately manage your employees equity, allocation and vesting schedule in a simple trackable way.

Absence Management

Keeping track of everyone's leave can be extremely time-consuming. Mensch will help you save a great deal of time and reduce errors by handling absence requests and have fully automated approval process.

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Custom Workflows

Task management

Reduce workload and share responsibilities. Tasks is a powerful tool in Mensch. You can set different type of tasks, track progress and ensure completion of workflows.

Automated approval process & E-signature

It is the time to save time. Through Mensch you can create approval processes, remove bottleneck and simplify processes.

Document management

It is time to say goodbye to chaos. Mensch makes it easy to store, track and assign documents. Share policies, save contracts and provide or deny access to sensitive information.

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Performance Review

Evaluate and grow

Help your employees grow their careers within your organization. Evaluations align everyone’s expectations, so managers can focus on nurturing their employees’ standout qualities. At Mensch, our philosophy is to strengthen your employees’ strongest qualities, so they can truly shine.

Foster engagement

Engaging employees can yield higher outputs — up to 147% higher than your competitors. Mensch performance reviews are specially tailored to increase engagement by fostering transparency, communication, and alignment on goals and values.

Easy to set up, track, & manage

Set up and kick off reviews multiple times throughout the year. With Mensch’s performance review module, you can build processes by location or department, easily control and track various processes, and always maintain complete visibility over the status of each and every evaluation.

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