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Optimizing people management

The first Human Capital Management solution that unites HR with Finance and Management


Welcome to Mensch software

A hub for people management

Empower HR team

Provide HR professionals with the technology and tools they need to efficiently and proactively operate within the organization. Mensch’s true system of record enhances your compliance tracking, integrates with supportive platforms and enhances efficiency under just one hub.

Intuitive. Smart. Flexible

The Mensch platform was created by HR, for HR. Our perceptive and easy-to-use platform speaks the HR language, and knows how to instinctively execute actions in the management of the employee lifecycle and supports various types of roles in any location.

Strengthening the Bond between HR and Supportive Departments

As an HR-centric platform, Mensch creates that crucial bond between HR and supportive departments. Focusing on assisting HR professionals to become more strategic and proactive, the platform provides quick & easy access to data and collaboration tools, allowing for an accelerated decision making process within the organization.

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Everything you need to manage people

With Mensch’s platform, you have the ability to gain access to all employee and company digital files, maintain a single view of the entire employee lifecycle, easily locate and update missing information and become your own true system of records.

Mensch’s time management processes helps you maintain your employees time attendance, PTO and customized policies while increasing employee productivity and engagement within the entire organization.

Creating workflows with Mensch has never been easier!
Track everything within the organization by creating your own customized workflows, connecting to other supportive departments - quickly and efficiently.

Your employees’ data, performance, surveys and more, are all conveniently located in just one place. Using Mensch insights, you’ll spot trends and make a positive impact in future decision making.

Mensch knows that creating transparency and cultivating a company culture is extremely important for your new hires and employees. Boost employee satisfaction by communicating directly with your employees, announcing important company milestones, welcoming new hires and connecting between various locations.

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